Hotels at Quatro Barras


Hotel Harbor Self Graciosa

Quatro Barras - PR

  • Breakfast

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Restaurant

  • Business Center

  • Convenience Store at the Front Desk

  • Laundry

  • Parking Lot

  • 24h Frontdesk

  • Wake-up Service

  • Event Spaces

  • Fitness Center

  • Sports Court

  • Room Service

  • Game Room

  • Café da Manhã


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Hotel Harbor Self Graciosa - 7,3 Km from the hotel

Hotel próximo a ANHANGAVA HILL

Located in Quatro Barras, the Hill of Anhangava (or Anhangava) is the preferred hill of the climbers of Paraná, as it is the best field-climbing school in Brazil. It is located in the hills of Baitaca. In Tupi-Guarani language, means the hill of the Devil.


Hotel Harbor Self Graciosa - 19 Km from the hotel

Hotel próximo a GRACIOSA ROAD

The Graciosa Road, is known as PR-410 highway is a road belonging to the government of Parana, which old days was used for "Tropeiros" like road to the coast of the state, linking the cities of Curitiba and Antonina and Morretes. The road crosses the most conserved piece of Atlantic Forest in Brazil, marked by the beautiful tropical forest and rivers that are born in the Serra do Mar. So, in 1993, part of the of the Serra was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic . In the region, there are two important state parks: Parque Estadual da Graciosa and State Park Roberto Ribas Lange.


Hotel Harbor Self Graciosa - 44 Km from the hotel

Hotel próximo a ITUPAVA ROUTE

The trail of Itupava is an open historic trail to connect Curitiba to Morretes. For over than three centuries the colonial roads were the only passage from the coast to the highlands, subsequently giving rise to highways and railroad, which enabled the development of the State of Paraná. There are passages where the original pavement is still well preserved, especially in the mountains. The road crosses the railroad Curitiba-Paranaguá in two sections.